Important Note for beginners: We discuss some advanced concepts on this page. However rest assured, you do not need to know or understand the following to put the power of php to work for you.

Why our php web hosting is better

Nearly all web hosts offer php these days. But most web hosts do nothing more than activate the default (usually out of date) php module that comes with their hosting control panel. Not us - we do our own builds of php using the latest, most secure sources. We then customize the php configuration to make the install even more flexible, fast and secure. Here are a few of the ways we give you the absolute best php web hosting experience.


You choose the method of using php that best fits your needs. Even better, quickly switch between methods. By default your account runs the ultra-fast mod_php apache module. With mod_php, php is built directly into the webserver and can process your php pages inside the webserver process itself. No need to fork a new process for php.

If you need better control and security (using mod_php for all of your pages has some rare and minor security concerns that most web hosts do not understand). We give you the option to run all or parts of your site with php as a cgi. Your scripts will still run fast but have the added protection and convenience of running as your user. You'll also have access to your own php.ini (mod_php gives your 90% of php.ini via the web servers .htaccess directives).

We also give you the option of running php4 on part (or all) of your site. This is useful for running older scripts that are not compatible with php5. It is also helpful if you need to move a site that relies on php4 and cannot be updated to php5 compatibility.


If you have highly specific needs for your php build, we give you the tools to do your own build and then install your totally custom php binary to run your site. If you later need even more options at the operating system level, we have fast, affordable Virtual Private Servers you can upgrade to when your web site's growth demands it.


Our staff knows php. We have ten years of experience debugging problems and helping people out. While our normal free support cannot write or debug your code, we do our best to help you when you have a problem. There are plenty of common mistakes that we can quickly point out to you.

A few more important points:

  • Your own php.ini
  • php options inside of apache's .htaccess
  • No preset limits on upload size, post size and memory size
  • Installations of non-standard PEAR modules on request

Some people waste weeks comparing webhosts - there are thousands of web hosts to choose from - but if you are ready to move forward with your web site, ready to actually make progress on your site instead of spending another day comparing hosts - please, take a test drive - you have nothing to lose. If you aren't 100% satisfied, we'll give you a full, no questions asked refund anytime in the first 30 days.

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