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We now offer fast Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for clients requiring the highest levels of privacy and performance. Your VPS gives you full root access to your own (virtualized) server. Your VPS can be upgraded (on demand with no downtime!) as you require more power.

Base pricing is $24.95 per month. Other configurations with more resources can be customized as needed.

The default operating system on the VPS is Centos 7, the open source version of RedHat Enterprise Linux 7 (other flavors and on-demand OS switching coming soon!). You have approx. 1 core of a 16 core Xeon 2.27 GHZ cpu. Your VPS can freely burst to full CPU usage when resources are not in use.

Complete list of operating system choices:

  • Centos 7 (Redhat Enterprise 7)
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Ubuntu 15.10
  • Debian 7
  • Debian 8
  • Fedora 22
  • Older OS's are available by request if you have special requirements

In special circumstances, both older (and newer) OS versions may also be available. Please contact support with your exact needs.

Your memory is guaranteed at 256 megs reserved and burstable to 4 gigs. When other VPS's are not using their full memory, you are able to consume more than your guaranteed limit (same for CPU usage). Guaranteed memory up to 64 gigs is available as an option.

These specs will change every month or so. CPU and memory prices change often so when new servers are added certain itmes such as the exact speed of the processor may differ slightly (any difference from those listed on this page will always be toward faster processors and more ram).

You have full root access on the VPS and can install anything you like. If you are moving from another account, we sync your files and databases to the VPS and do initial configuration. We pre-install webmin (a web-based server management system) for your use. You also of course have full ssh access to your VPS.

As an added feature, we will also continue to handle all your mail (SMTP, POP3, etc.) for you. You are welcome to run your own mail services if you would like. However for clients who would rather avoid spending VPS resources and administration tasks on mail, we will provide mail services for you on our servers for no additional charge. You may also choose to outsource your mail to other 3rd party mail services such as Google's gmail for domains.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

To purchase a VPS, sign-up for a normal account and then enter a support request to convert to a VPS. If you are a current client, enter a support request asking to be moved to a VPS.

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