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"I've had a web site since 1996. Since that time, I've used numerous web hosts. I can honestly say that phpwebhosting.com has been THE BEST! I wish I had switched to you all sooner! Thanks for the great service!"

"Just wanted to say thank you for 2 years of excellent service. You have set a no-gimmick expectation, and meet it with flying colors. You give me full control of my website, yet whenever I need you, you are there. 100% of my service requests have been answered immediately and accurately. You have hit a home run in my book!"

"I am very pleased with both the tools and the level and quality of customer service that you, your colleagues and your company provide. Please keep up the great work!"

"Wow, you guys rock! Thanks again for your outstanding support."

"First, you're the best host there is. I'm a web developer, and I've been having all my clients sign up with you, to rave results. Thanks for making me look so good!"

"In the past I've used your service regularly. A few days ago I registered a new domain and (stupidly) decided to try a different company that was a couple dollars cheaper per year. Man, was I wrong! Their service was crap! I assumed they'd be as good and as smart. I had no idea how good you guys were until I tried somebody else. Now I am spending days to move my stuff back to you, but wanted to take a moment to let you guys know how much I appreciate your service."

"Thank you for your efforts over the last few weeks, everything is back in place and it's business as usual. The database and website are both working faster and better than ever! Your support has been superb and beyond the call of duty."

"Sorry to trouble you, but I have a client who would like to switch back to you guys. She was hosting her website with you and then moved to *****host. They haven't been the best so we would like to move back."

"I just wanted to write a quick note expressing my total and absolute satisfaction with your service. I am by no means an expert at web programming, but your hosting service has been set up to handle just about any suite of ready-made (ie: idiot proof) web page set ups that I can find. Everything has been fast and error-free and I am completely thrilled with the value I am recieving for my monthly fee. I look forward to using your hosting services for a very long time indeed."

"MAN, that was a quick response. Thanks for your help. I've been a customer of some sort for about 7 years and I swear, you guys have the best support anywhere! Thanks man."

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