Our classic shared account has been updated to feature blazing fast SSD drives. Due to the nature off SSD drives, the Classic SSD account has a storage quota of 10 gigabtyes. In our experience (20 years and over 100,000 accounts) the average account uses less that 10% of that amount.

For clients who prefer the older style "un-metered" storage, we still offer our Class (non-SSD) account which provides our fair and honest "un-metered" storage (read about our "un-metered" storage versus shady "unlimited" plans).

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Fast, rock solid WordPress

Say good bye to random slowdowns and glitches due to shared hosting. WordPress+ gives you a private cloud server to keep your WordPress-based site running smoothly.

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WordPress+ includes a dedicated, private IP address. SEO experts all agree that Google gives better rankings to sites with private IP addresses.

GlobalSign SSL

Stop using "free" Let's Encrypt SSL. WordPress+ includes a quality, name brand GlobalSign SSL certificate.