Changing the base directory (DocumentRoot) of a domain on your VPS using webmain

You may want to divide your different websites on your VPS to be "owned" by different users. Here's how to do it.

Adding the domain to your VPS

  1. Login to webmin
  2. Select the "servers" link in the left hand menu.
  3. Select "Apache Webserver" from the list that appears
  4. Select the "Existing virtual hosts" tab.
  5. Find the virtual host you want to edit and click the globe icon or the text "Virtual Server"
  6. Near the bottom of the page find the section "Virtual Server Details"
  7. Edit the "document root" section. Usually you'll enter something like "/home/some_user_name_here/www/ - but you can of course use any directory structure you like. You can type the path directly or press the "..." button to see a file browser.
  8. Press the "Save" button.
  9. Click "Apply changes" in the top right hand corner of the page

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