VPS Faqs

What is the average CPU speed (Not the minimum or guaranteed)?

There is no method to measure average CPU speed. However if you signed up today (wrote in July 2010), you would have access to two 2.80 GHz cores. The load on that server currently is :

load average: 0.00, 0.05, 0.07

which means currently 0 is in use, in the last 5 minutes .05 was in use and in the last 15 minutes .07 was in use. Of course even these numbers are not perfect. The figure of zero is of course not really possible (the core OS is running and all idle processes) but this method (unix command uptime or load average) is the standard method of measuring such things.

Is the latest PHP version pre-installed?

By default, php is the version supplied with RedHat Enterprise 5.x - we do this so that your development environment is pristene from RedHat and not customized in any unexpected ways. We can however udpate it with RPMs (not from redhat) that put php at the latest version.

What other applications are installed in my VPS?

By default a core, clean Centos (open source version of RedHat Enterprise) is installed. Apache (webserver), php modules, MySQL (database server), webmin (server control panel), outgoing mail server (sendmail), an ftp server and ssh server are installed and running. You have full root access and can add or remove anything you like.

What is the pricing structure for the different add-on resources?

Currently each 1/15th share of the CPU is $8.95 extra per month. Extra disk space past 20 gigs is 50 cents per gig. If you need a lot of disk and CPU we can many times set up a special discounted package for your needs.

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