Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I host multiple domains on my account?

Yes, read about multiple domain hosting here.

Q. Do you accept any other forms of payment besides credit card?

A. Yes, we also accept either personal checks or money orders. If you use these forms of payment, though, we ask that you pay for six months in advance in order to avoid problems with late payments. You will be able to get a refund of any unused portion of this money if you decide to cancel your account within this time frame.

Q. Is SSL supported for my domain?

A. Yes, SSL is fully supported. Contact support to purchase a SSL certificate for your domain. You may also supply your own certificate. All certificates require a dedicated IP for the domain the SSL is installed on. Dedicated IP's are $2 per month.

Q. Do you support phpMyAdmin or have a web interface for MySQL?

A. Yes, phpMyAdmin is installed in the user control panel. You can use it to perform almost all needed operations on your database.

Q. Do you allow adult sites?

A. Sorry but we do not allow adult sites.

Q. Are there any other general restrictions?

A. In general we do not allow sites whose primary purpose is file downloads or transfer. We must have this restriction to ensure that all users receive fast, dependable service. Transfer only sites put an undue burden on our servers.

Q. You say that transfer is unmetered, but is there any limit to the amount I can use?

A. Though we do not have any pre-set limits, you will receive warnings if your site begins to use over 25 GB of bandwidth/month. If you use more than this occasionally that is fine. There is never an extra fee for bandwidth overages. Our policies are different from a lot of other hosts who place strict limits on accounts. We have been hosting sites for over five years with our current policies and have not had problems. We feel that our lack of a pre-set limit is a good compromise between hosts that have strict bandwidth limits/fees and hosts that have no limits at all. Hosts that claim to have no limits at all are simply lying or are very new to the hosting business. So called "unlimited" hosting does not work in the long term.

We feel that our approach is much better. It allows our clients to not worry about overage fees but also know that their site will always be fast.

Note : sites hosting illegal files, porn, warez, file archives or other "download-only" sites are not accepted.

We also reserve the right to ask any site to leave that is under the bandwidth limits but is putting a heavy load on the servers. The bottom line is this : we monitor our servers carefully. It is very important that every client has a fast, responsive website. If your scripts are causing resource problems (too much CPU or Disk I/O usage for example) we may have to ask you to leave. This is seldom a problem but we do want to make sure we are upfront about this.

The main point of our "un-metered" policy is to allow us to have a friendly service where you do not need to always be worried about incurring extra fees by going over pre-set limits.

Q. What kind of servers do you have?

A. New servers have dual Intel Xeon 2.4 GHZ servers that run Redhat Linux Enterprise 5. Depending on market conditions, servers will be faster (CPU pricing and stocking change frequently). Current servers are full RAID. Existing servers will have different specs depending upon the date they were placed into service. All new clients are put onto the new servers. Existing clients are moved to newer servers according to our upgrade schedule.

Q. What kind of internet connection do you use?

A. We have over 12 Gbps of BGP'd, redundant bandwidth through 12 providers. We do not use any Cogent bandwidth - all our bandwidth is high quality and low latency. (These specs are current as of 2004).

Q. Do you have a reseller program?

A. No, we feel that are prices are low enough to allow people to purchase multiple accounts and still be able to resell them for a profit.

Q. Can I give away space from my account? Can I give away POP3 accounts?

A. In general, no. You can of course use your extra POP3's for other members of your company, family, friends, etc. However you can not create a service which gives away disk space or POP3's to anyone who asks for them.

While we would love to be able to accommodate such big plans for your website, we again must place some limits on resource usage to ensure that all customers receive fast and reliable service. If you do want to establish a service such as these, you might want to look at the next question.

Q. Do you support and/or

A. Yes! We fully support both services (and other ones like them) - and unlike some other companies, we do not charge any extra fees to make the required DNS changes for you.

Q. How long does it take to transfer a domain?

A. Once the transfer has been submitted, it can take anywhere from 24-72 hours. Usually this is much closer to 24 hours. It usually depends on the time that your request is received at your registrar (most only process requests once a day).

Your domain is set up immediately on our servers. It is the timing at the registrar that will determine how long it takes for the transfer to be "visible".

Q. Do you offer domain parking?

A. We do not have any type of account for only domain parking. However if you have a $9.95 account with us, we do allow you to park one or two other domains at your account if needed. However the parked domains can only resolve to your top-level web directory. They can not resolve to sub-directories (to do this would require separate $9.95 accounts for each domain).

Q. You say "un-metered" POP3 accounts. How many can I really have?

A. A general limit would be 100 to 150. The main limits are that you can not for instance set up a service where anybody on the net can get a free POP3 through you, etc. The goal of the un-metered POP3's is to allow you to set up however many are needed for your company, group, etc. Like most of our other offerings, we do not want to place any hard limits on the number of POP3's that you may create. However we do ask that you keep your demands within reason. Also keep in mind the number of messages that each account will be receiving each day. For example, 150 POP3's that only receive a few messages a day would be acceptable while 150 POP3's that each receive thousands of messages a day would not.

Q. What currency are your prices in?

A. Our prices are in United States Dollars.

Q. Do you support FrontPage?

A. Yes! After you sign-up, enter a request for the frontpage extensions to be added to your account.

Q. I tried to signup but it said my address did not match!?

A. Your order will not go through unless your billing addresses matches exactly the one that your credit card company has on file. When you sign-up your information is sent via an encrypted connection to our credit card processor who then verifies your addresses. If it does not match exactly the information that your credit card company has on file the order is rejected. Make sure you have it typed in exactly as they have it on file.

Q. I am a current customer but my billing information has changed. How do I update my information?

A. Login to your control panel and go to the billing section. There is an update billing form there. If you have questions about your account it is generally best to login to your control panel first. There are many FAQ questions for current customers inside the control panel Help Desk section.

Q. Do you offer phpMyAdmin for database administration?

A. Yes! phpMyAdmin comes pre-installed into your control panel.

Q. Do you offer CURL support?

A. Yes, We offer CURL support through the command line and as a php compiled-in option.

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